About Us

The Journey

My journey and eventual interest in healing began at a difficult point of time in my life. When my late father passed away, I began to seek ways in which to deal with the grief that was negatively impacting on my well-being. It was through reading the book “Angels in My Hair” by Lorna Byrne┬áthat I finally started to open myself up to this entirely new and refreshing outlook on life and the world. I became a believer.

Prior to who I am today, like many in the western world, I was a sceptic. I needed proof. I served as a Vehicle Mechanic for the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, before leaving at the rank of Corporal after twelve and a half years of service. Drive and commitment are two key qualities that I took away from my military training, paired with the invaluable ability to maintain my cool despite the situation; all of which are very much integral and integrated in my profession as a healer today.

After leaving the military, I spent fifteen years as a Sales Manager for a large company, before being promoted to Area Manager and prompting my move to the Midlands. Later in life, I also, for better or for worse, decided to “have a go” at being the landlord of a Pub!

Throughout this time, I’d also started to take a keen interest and became heavily involved in Martial Arts, to the point of teaching Dynamic Self Defence in the Derby area. I have since gained over fifteen years’ experience which I have found to be a very useful tool in my work as a healer. I’ve discovered a huge amount of cross-over between the two different practices over the years; a lot of the points I was taught to cause hurt to people I now use aid others instead.

As I transitioned from sceptic to believer, I eventually had the pleasure of meeting Sally Wathen at Rainbow Bridge. It was here where I first began learning the art of meditation and the like, prompting me to enrol on a number of her healing courses. It was here I qualified in Spiritual Healing, Kinesiology and Crystal Therapy. The learning and studying of the various aspects of healing is an ongoing process for all those in the field. I have since began studying Shamanism under the tutelage of Jeannie Rogers. I continue to learn from various sources and regularly attend Lamberts Healthcare CPD recognised courses. I also promote the use of Bach Flower remedies to aid in speeding up the recovery process and to act as my aftercare post healing sessions.

All the above healing modalities are incorporated in my therapy work as needed. I’m currently working from my own therapy practice, Connective Therapy based in Long Eaton, East Midlands. I frequently travel all over the country offering Healing Days on request, providing at least three to four clients are available over the course of the stay. I also frequent in and around the Northwest of England, with a dedicated Facebook page announcing my visits, which can be found here!


  • Applied Kinesiology (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, 3 Years)
  • Crystal Healing (Basic and Advanced, 2 Years)
  • Spiritual Healing (w/ Rainbow Bridge & the Corinthian Church, 2 Years)
  • Shamanic Healing (Practitioner, 3 Years)