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I struggle to find words to describe the deep and intense healing session I had yesterday. A wonderful man with an amazing gift and I’m so grateful to have found Kev. The care, support, compassion and empathy I felt during the session helped me feel safe even though I was releasing some majorly deep stuff. I know I have quite a healing journey ahead but I now know I CAN and WILL heal. You have given me hope again, thank you!

Khadine Rich

Kev put me at ease and explained what was going to happen during the session. Although some aspects of clearing the emotional baggage were difficult for me I knew it was for my greater good. I was warned about possible crises occurring once I got home and for the following few days and given ‘homework’ in the form of taking Bach flower remedies to further help myself. For me the best part of the treatment was the soul retrieval- no words can explain how good that made me feel.

I would strongly recommend Kev for anyone that has any long term condition whether physical or emotional because as Kev says emotions play a huge role in physical ailments and how they manifest in our bodies.
Thank you Kev!

Alison Savage

My first experience at this. Brilliant. So many doors have opened since clearing all the emotional rubbish from my past. I feel like I could take on the world… I have way more confidence. I’m happier. People are not able to get to me so easily and all the hurt from passed relationships whether it be parents or ex partners is healed.

Inga Gincident Vann

I had a taster healing session with Kev today at Ashby de la Zouch. I was surprised by how accurately he read my current health symptoms simply by scanning my body energetically and very much appreciated the deeper shamanic healing. I would highly recommend him as a therapist to help release both physical and emotional health blockages.

Thanks Kev.

Jacqueline Attrill

A kind and approachable, gentle bear of a man! A thorough consultation with compassionate listening and a powerful and even more thorough treatment, combining various therapies, with an intuitive touch.

I appreciated your care and attention to detail. I felt safe enough to release at a deep level and felt held during the process. Concluding (and starting) the session with kinesiology muscle testing ensured that the process was complete, and I very much liked the Bach Flower test; providing a prescription of remedies for aftercare.

Thanks very much, Kev! xx

Nell Brooker