Offered Treatments


Originally developed by American chiropractor George Goodheart, Kinesiology is a non-invasive holistic therapy which aims to provide the help needed for the body to heal itself naturally. This is achieved by communicating directly with the energy system of the body, using gentle muscle testing and verbal questioning. This style of therapy is based on the premise that any issue(s) within a person (or their respective energy system) will be reflected through the physical body; the belief that one problem may lead to another. As a result, this style of therapy takes the broader approach of looking at the complete person as a whole; as opposed to focusing on identifying and treating only the symptoms.


The key tool used to communicate with the body is muscle testing. A Kinesiologist will typically apply light pressure to a particular muscle (commonly located in the arm or limb) and monitor the response. It is through this response the Kinesiologist is able to pinpoint any imbalances and employ correctional techniques.

Each session typically lasts for 1 hour. As stated previously, the therapy is strictly non-intrusive and will involve the client lying down on a therapy bed fully clothed. If lying down is uncomfortable for you, then sitting during the session instead is an option. At no stage should the method of muscle testing cause any pain or discomfort, with only gentle pressure being applied.

Energy Healing Therapy

Energy healing, similar to Kinesiology therapy, works in conjunction with the subtle energy systems of the body.  This method of healing aims to stimulate the flow of energy in or around the body, restoring balance at both an inner and outer level; which in turn enables natural self-healing to take place.  The practitioner achieves this by channelling universal energy into the body of the client. While this is taking place, the client is advised to simply sit, relax and enjoy the experience.

Through my years of performing this style of healing and the feedback I have received, clients have gone as far to experience the pleasant sensation of these energies moving in or around their body. Others feel a natural change in body temperature or visualise them as colours. The experience varies person to person, session to session.


Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystal healing is a vibrational-healing based system which utilises crystals and their respective healing properties. At the base level of energy everything, including ourselves, is said to vibrate at various frequencies.  Crystals are used and placed around the body, absorbing, detoxifying and diffusing energy as they interact with the subtle vibrations in the environment and body of the client.

Crystal healing is a deeply relaxing process and can be a deeply effective remedy when dealing with stress, depression or anxiety and related symptoms such as migraines, panic attacks, digestive disorders and stiff joints. There have also been cases in which crystal healing has been helpful for sufferers of insomnia, chronic fatigue and other sleep related problems. Through balancing the energy systems (or Chakras) of the body, this method of treatment may also aid in providing clarity, enhanced focus and aid in stabilising ones mood.


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing provides healing through spiritual journeying. During a session, the practitioner will journey on your behalf, gaining insights regarding a particular area or situation to support the healing of the client. The client typically arrives with a mental list of what they believe they need to work on or areas in which they’re having difficulties with during day-to-day life.


Shamanism takes place at a spiritual level which, especially in modern western society, we are often disassociated from during our typical busy lives. The practice of shamanic healing helps to reconnect us to the different dimensions of ourselves as human beings. By the end of a session, the client typically gains concious insights regarding the different dimensions of themselves and their situation. It is also common practice that the client and the practitioner check-in in the form of a discussion in the weeks following an initial session, to see how the client has been developing. Due to the nature of the healing process, the benefits of the treatment typically unfold as time goes by, with follow-up treatments being common every few months upwards.